Our Unique Production Process

Dewina’s production facility is situated in Bangi, Malaysia’s prime and strategically located industrial zone with comprehensive infrastructural facilities and easy access to the nation’s capital, financial centre and international port and airport.

The facility boasts the latest in state-of-the-art high-technology machinery and equipment for food production. Dewina’s production line features a computer-based user-dedicated system custom designed to suit its requirements, coupled with a fully mechanised and modern packaging plant.

The above system not only provides a total production capacity that runs into millions of pouches a month, but also gives Dewina the ability and flexibility to produce a very wide range of menus and dishes in various packing sizes to suit its client’s needs.

Dewina has over 200 dedicated and experienced employees from various technical and business disciplines, including food science and technology, engineering, marketing, administration, finance and military supplies logistics who are constantly trained and kept up-to-date with the latest development in the industry.

These technical skills are backed by a total quality and research programme which demands a strong commitment from each and every employee towards providing customer satisfaction.

Our Production Facility meets the strictest international requirements, enabling us to export our products into markets all over the world.


History of Retort Pouch

A Retort Pouch is a 4-ply reinforced oriented Nylon laminated pouch. It was initially researched and developed in the US to support NASA space and US army missions in the 1970s. It has a guaranteed shelf-life of two years at room temperature when left unopened.

The retort process was not widely available until the technology was brought over to Japan, where it was used for retail products and remains popular ever since.

Retort pouch products never really took off in the US, possibly because of the widespread use of large refrigerators in homes to store food stuff. The Japanese rarely had large amount of space in their homes, which could explain the popularity of storing unrefrigerated food stuffs.

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Quality Assurance

Our products are assured of its quality. Analysis are conducted to verify on the quality parameter as following:

Physical evaluation: appearance, grammage, printing etc
Chemical analysis: pH, salt, total solid to ensure product consistency
Microbiological analysis: total plate count, yeast and mould


Research And Development

Dewina’s manufacturing ability lies in its commitment to research and development, which is primarily market driven. Constant market and technical research is conducted at every stage of a product’s development to ascertain customer preference, therefore ensuring a high level of acceptance.

Datuk Ibrahim Hj Ahmad himself is very much keen on Research & Development, having graduated with a Masters Degree in Food Technology (1974). It is something he holds dear to his heart, which pushes the company further to innovate new and unique products.

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