(Daging Salai)

(with Brahim’s Thai Chili and Basil Sauce)

Recipe Courtesy of  Dr Noorhaniza Wahid

Smoked Beef (Daging Salai) 

(with Brahim’s Thai Chilli and Basil Sauce)
Serves 4

Recipe Courtesy of  Dr Noorhaniza Wahid


250g smoked beef (daging salai)
2 large onions (sliced)
5 nos cili padi (mashed slightly)
Vegetables ( celery, carrots..etc)
1 packet Brahim’s Thai Chilli & Basil Sauce

Sautee large onions till golden. Put in the smoked beef. Mix well onion and smoked beef. Pour in Brahim’s Thai Chilli & Basil Sauce. Add in the chili padi, mix well and cook for 5 mins.

Serve well with hot white rice.


Dr Noorhaniza Wahid
Dr Noorhaniza Wahid
Thai Chilli and Basil Sauce