(with Brahim’s Kuah Percik)

Seafood Percik Skewers

(with Brahim’s Kuah Percik)
Serves 4

300-500g prawns and scallops
1 packet Brahim’s Kuah Percik

The amount of seafood you use for this recipe depends on how much sauce you want in the overall dish.

Use 2/3 of the Brahim’s sauce to marinate the seafood overnight in the fridge.

Thread the seafood onto bamboo skewers, and grill for 5 – 10 minutes, until they are half-cooked.

Place the skewered seafood in a saucepan with the remaining sauce and all the marinade, and cook gently over medium heat for 10 more minutes.

Remove to a serving plate and pour the sauce over just before serving.


Seafood Percik Skewers